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Content Hub

Al-powered central platform as a solution for efficient content creation.

HubSpot’s Content Hub is an AI-powered tool designed to increase the effectiveness of creating marketing content. Using integrated AI tools, it tailors content to your business needs and optimizes it for different marketing formats. Content Hub allows you to efficiently manage and centralize your content strategy. 

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Comprehensive tool for content marketing

Content Hub in HubSpot is an advanced tool for automated marketing content creation. It helps businesses efficiently generate, manage, and optimize content for various marketing channels, including web design, using Al integrations.

By connecting with other HubSpot Hubs, it provides complex control over your content strategy and significantly increases the efficiency of content creation.

Tool that creates content for you

Content Hub makes it much easier to manage your marketing content and tailor it to the specific needs of your business. 


It includes automated creation of blog articles, texts for emails and social network post in a pre-set tonality of your brand voice. It automatically creates audio versions of marketing texts in different languages and generates images using AI tools. Content HUb also offers a web assistant to speed up website creation and enables podcast creation. All within a central CRM platform.

What's new with Content Hub compared to CMS Hub?

Poznejte HubSpot PDF zdarma

Crafter, not cobbed

Download the official free presentation “Crafted, not Cobbled” and discover the biggest difference between HubSpot and other marketing and commerce tools on the market.

HubSpot Content Hub Features

Al Blog Post Generator

Create blog posts of high quality with integrated AI. Simply enter a topic, keywords, choose a style and it will create a structure and relevant content in no time.

Web Desing

The functionality of the web editing tool from the original CMS Hub has been retained in the Content Hub. Use one of the pre-designed site themes and enjoy a consistent and modern layouts.

Al Blog Narration

Generate audio versions of blog posts that appeal to different types of users and increase engagement. Choose the tone of voice of your audio content to create a more personal and compelling listening experience.


Create and distribute podcasts in Content Hub and automatically optimize them for search engines with Al integrations.

Content Embed

Straight from the Content Hub, create dynamic blocks and add them to the WordPress editor. The site automatically updates with updates from HubSpot CRM, saving you time by eliminating manual editing and providing your clients with a consistent user experience.

Content Library

Store your text and visual content in a central repository and give exclusive access to logged-in clients. Encourage the growth of your database.

Image Generator

With just a few clicks, generate personalized photos in any style with the ground-breaking Al image generator.

Al Translations

Automatically create translations for your marketing content with HubSpot's Deepl translator integration.

Brand Voice

Establish a communication style for your company and develop a pattern that will ensure that your material is written in a consistent way across all marketing platforms.

Content Remix

To reach a variety of audiences and channels, write your blog post and then use the remix functionality to customize it for social media, email, SMS, or web posts.

Integrated SEO optimization

Optimise your content for search engines directly in HubSpot. Generate SEO-optimized content suggestions and increase your site's visibility in search results.

Member blogs

Build your membership base for exclusive content and premium material protection. Transform visitors into known contacts and increase engagement through exclusive access and events.

An instrument for professional marketing

How much does HubSpot Conetnt Hub cost?


100% free


Starts from $23/month


Starts from $450/měsíc


Starts from $1500/měsíc

Our customers

Who we have set up HubSpot for and helped to apply it

Opinions of our clients

"Autoarti helped us to switch from our existing CRM system to HubSpot. The migration included a lot of contacts and information and we needed to re-program some parts. They handled everything very professionally, on time and to our satisfaction. Whenever we needed help with the new CRM or to adjust any settings, they were ready to help us."
lucie hojtrova
Lucie Hajkrová
Financial director, SHINE
"Our decision to switch from Salesforce to HubSpot has borne its first fruits much sooner than we expected, and we are now migrating the entire website to HubSpot CMS to take advantage of other advanced features. Thanks to Autoarti for helping us migrate our core systems smoothly with no other than positive impacts on the running of our business."
vladimir david
Vladimír David
CEO, Exclusive Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Hub is an all-in-one solution for marketers that enables functions produce high-quality content at scale across multiple channels. It includes integrations with artificial intelligence tools that accelerate the creation and processing of marketing content. Content Hub replaces CMS Hub and inherits its site-building functionalities.

Content Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and Operations Hub are all part of a complete CRM platform that helps you grow better. When you use two or more hubs together, your data is automatically linked in the platform, allowing you to easily to track the entire customer journey from first site visit, to closed deal and happy customer. 

CMS Hub is from now on part od Content Hub. HubSpot will no longer reference CMS Hub and all website tools, along with new Al website features, will be now find within Content Hub. From now on will management, content tools and Al tools be together under one roof. 

The most interesting features include:

  • Content remix, that transfers content into several marketing formats

  • Direct integration with WordPress and other HubSpot CRM Hubs

  • Al functions such as Al blog generator or Al Image geneator, that create content within seconds

  • Integrated trsanslations and audio versions of blog posts

  • SEO recommendations to improve search rankings

Working with Content Hub is fast and efficient. The interface is intuitive and your team can log in and get started right away.

For deeper features like SEO and reporting, you’ll likely need to spend a little more time researching to get the most out of the product.

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